Kalam 2k19

"Entrepreneurial outlook provided in partnership with NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network)"


"An international online certificate program followed by funding support. Native Lead Foundation "


Semester Away programs in workspaces such as WeWork, Bengaluru


Startup Village, Cochin




Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1: Ability to understand the core principles of the theory of computing, programming and data organization and to make use of them in designing, developing and testing software systems with assured quality.
  • PSO2: The ability to use software engineering practices and tools in developing complete software based solutions for identified real world problems with the help of acquired knowledge in computer networking and World Wide Web.
  • PSO3: The ability to learn new technologies and acquire new skill sets to adapt to the changing requirements in the career and to pursue entrepreneurship.

About the Department

Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information, computation, and with practical techniques for their implementation and application. The Field of Computer Science is the main developing area in the country, as well as a major contributor to the skilled and trained manpower of the world. Computer engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. The department offers B.E. and M.E program in Computer Science and Engineering.

The aim of these programs is to enable students to acquire specialized knowledge for various subjects in computer science and to update regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry. And also offers certified Value-added courses like CCNA, JAVA, soft skill development programs and job-oriented courses to help increase the employment potential of the students.

The Department has state of the art infrastructure, laboratories and computing equipment supported by high speed Ethernet and wireless networks. The faculty members update their knowledge by regularly attending various conferences and faculty development program .Several faculty members are currently doing their research work and are involved in taking care of software projects.

Mere theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for the students hence Industrial visit is considered as one of the most practical methods of teaching. Students are taken for a guided tour to various industries, providing them information about the background of the companies and their current position in the global business scenario. It helps the students to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view.

With a view to bridge the gap between industrial requirements and academic curriculum, the department invites experts from various fields of engineering and management to enable the students to know and understand the requirements of industries. And have designed a discussion forum to share and learn.

A team of learned and dedicated teachers train the students in the latest technology enabling them to acquire the necessary skills to work in any reputed IT industry and prides itself on good career opportunities for students. There is a major contribution from our Alumni team in the development of the department as well as mentoring and sharing experiences to the existing students.

Faculty Profile

SNo Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Exp Industry Exp
1 Dr. K.E.KANNAMMAL Professor & Head B. E., M.E, Ph.D - Wireless Sensor Networks 23 0
2 Dr. S. Dhanabal Associate Professor B. E., M.E, Ph.D - Data Mining 14 0
3 Dr. S. DEVA BALAN Associate Professor B. E., M.E, Ph.D - Geo Spatial 8 0
4 Mr. G.SELVA KUMAR Associate Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - Data Analytics(Pursuing) 8 4
5 Mrs. DEVI SELVAM Assistant Professor (S) B.E., M.E -CSE 10 0
6 Mrs. R.P.NARMADHA Assistant Professor (S) B.E., M.Tech.,M.B.A, Ph.D (Pursuing) 16 0
7 Mrs.S. HEMALATHA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - IOT Analytics (Pursuing) 8 2
8 Mrs. N. SARANYA Assistant Professor B.Tech(IT), M.E., Ph.D - Cloud Security (Pursuing) 7 4
9 Mrs. A. MAHALAKSHMI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 10 0
10 Mrs. P. SUVITHAVANI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - Big Data Analytics(Pursuing) 7 2
11 Mrs. N. NALINI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - Big Data Analytics(Pursuing) 7 0
12 Mrs. S. P. KAVYA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 6 0
13 Mrs. C. KANIMOZHI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 7 0
14 Mrs. G. SHYAMALA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3 3
15 Mrs. R. DHARSHINI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 7 0
16 Mrs. A. MOHANA PRIYA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 5 0
17 Mrs. S. V. EVANGELIN SONIA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - Predictive Analytics (Pursuing) 4 0
18 Mrs. S. DHIVYA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 1 0
19 Mrs. S. RAJASULOCHANA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3 0
20 Mrs. A. SRI SHAKTHI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 4 0
21 Mrs. N. KRISHNAMMAL Assistant Professor B.E., M.E-CSE 8 0
22 Mrs. K. JANANI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 6 0
23 Mrs. J. KANYA DEVI Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech - Computer and IT 9 0
24 Mr. G. ARUN PRASANTH Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D - Image Processing(Pursuing) 2 3
25 Ms. S. UMA MAHESHWARI Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 0.3 0
26 Ms. G. ARUL VADIVU Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 0.3 0
27 Mr. M. MADHAN MOHAN Assistant Professor B.Tech(IT)., M.E -CSE 5.4 0
28 Mr. R. VENKATESH Assistant Professor B.Tech(IT)., M.E -CSE 4.3 0
29 Mr. R. KARTHIBAN Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3.3 0
30 Mrs. M. AMBIKA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3.4 0
31 Ms. D. SATHIYA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3.4 0
32 Mrs. L. SINDHIYA Assistant Professor B.E.(IT), M.E., Ph.D - Image & Video Processing(Pursuing) 10.3 0
33 Ms. A. KARTHIGA Assistant Professor B.E., M.E -CSE 3 0

Contact Number Of The H.O.D : 98436 33389

History of Placed Alumnus

2015 Batch

Student Name Organization
C.Abhinaya Vernalis
N.Abinaya Infosys
R.Abinaya Vernalis
I.Anjana Savvysoft
C.Anuragavi Vernalis
A.Archana Devi ENS/Duratech Solutions
A.Asha Parveen Umedex
T.BrindhaDevi CTS/Umedex
D.Deepika EP Tech India ltd / Gloriex Infosystems
S.Deepikaa Calydon Infotech/EP Tech India ltd / Gloriex Infosystems
R.Divya Vernalis
K.Geetha HP
S.Geetha Priya EP Tech India ltd/Duratech Solutions
D.Gowri Infosys/ENS
P.S.Jaishree CTS/Fony Technologies
G.Jayaprashanth Sanspareil/Savvysoft/Serco
S.Jayashree Calydon Infotech/EP Tech India ltd/ Gloriex Infosystems
R.Jesseyma UST GLOBAL/Equator Technologies
R.Jisha Poduval L&T Infotech
B.Kamalakannan VVDN
M.Kartheeswari CTS/EP Tech India ltd
K.Karthika Infosys
S.Kaviyarasu Max IT global
B.KEERTHANA Accenture/Vernalis
S.Mahesh Kumar Telesonic
M.Mirunalini EP Tech India ltd
S.Mohana Priya CTS/Fony Technologies
R.Mohanapriya Carex Services/ENS
R.Mythili Calydon Infotech/EP Tech India ltd/ Gloriex Infosystems
V.Narmadha Max IT global
G.Naveen Kumar Eagleray Technologies
R.V.Nevethini Vdart/ ENS
P.Nithyashree NTT Data/Calydon Infotech/EP Tech India ltd
K.S.Pavithra Carex Services
M.Pavithra Eagleray Technologies
P.Prakash Babu Tamps Tech
R.Hari Hara Karthikeyan Gloriex Infosystems
J.Jennix Deva Kumar Equator Technologies
S.Prasaanth Mindtree/ENS
R.Prasanya Infosys
V.Praveena CTS/Cloud that
S.Preetha Infosys
A.Priya EP Tech India ltd
B.Radha Amruta CTS/ENS
S.Ramesh Fony Technologies
K.Ramkumar Equator Technologies
J.Ramya Infosys
R.Ranjith Mindtree/Savvysoft
K.Renugadevi Savvysoft
B.Rupa CTS/EP Tech India ltd
M.Sai Teja Savvysoft/Duratech Solutions
R.Sangavi Infosys
J.Sanjay Vernalis
S.Santhosh Aditi Technologies/Vdart/ Fony Technologies
R.Sathya Sangari Skava Systems
P.Shanmugapriya Infosys/ENS
R.Shree Shalini HP
B.Sidharth Sanspareil/Savvysoft/Serco
P.Sindhuja CTS/Infence
S.Sivasangari L&T Infotech
M.Sowmiya Sanspareil/EP Tech India ltd/Duratech Solutions
V.M.Subhashini NTT Data/Calydon Infotech
G.Sudhandaraa L&T Infotech
K.Sujitha Infosys/ENS
S.Sujithra Savvysoft
K.Sushanth Infosys
G.Swathipriya Payoda/Mindtree
P.Tamilarasan Max IT global
C.Thaarani Vdart/ Fony Technologies / Gloriex Infosystems
T.Thamil Iniyaal Fony Technologies / Gloriex Infosystems
C.V.Tharun Payoda
N.Thiyagu NTT Data/ENS
J.Vidyalakshmi Calydon Infotech/EP Tech India ltd / Gloriex Infosystems
A.Vijay Akilan ENS/Duratech Solutions
A.Vinodhini Savvysoft
T.Vishakha 5th Generation
O.Vishnuvarthini Infence
L.Saranya EP Tech India ltd