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Department: Civil Engineering:

Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
Recent advance techniques for aqua chemical characteristics and sustainable development  of bed rock aquifers 22-8-2017
National Level Workshop on “Advanced Techniques for Monitoring Water Quality and Management of Stressed Groundwater Aquifers” 22-02-17
Recent advancement in online/remote water quality monitoring and management technologies 02-02-16  
National Workshop on “Seismic Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Techniques” 16-02-15
National Workshop on  “Geo-informatics Applications in Disaster Management” 25-02-15

  DAPARTMENT: Computer science Engineering

Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
Guest lecture on "How can students prepare for Jobs that don't exist ? By Mr Sathish Rajamani, Industry ExpertSanthosh Krishnamoorthy , Sr. Manager-Delivery at Cognizant Technology Solutions 22-8-17  
Seminar on Career opportunities in data analytics & Qlik acedemic program - Pankaj Muthe,Qlik Academic Program Manager,Qliktech 31-8-17  
Career conclave- Industry Expectations Rathan Rao.Pathur, HR,Tayana Software, Bangalore 9-9-17  
Career & Reserch opportunities in Data Science - Kathirmani Sukumar,Data Scientist, Grammener, Bangalore 20-9-17  
A Sesion on SAP - Mr Sudheesh, Robert Bosch, Coimbatore 11-8-16  
A Session on Web Technologies - Mr Vignesh , Dhyan Infotech, Chennai 15-10-16  
HWjunction event focusing on Arduino workshop 5.3.2016  
A Session Digital India Projects - Mr.Karthik .T ,Senior Sales ,Cloud architect ,Oracle ,chennai 5.3.2016  
Guest Lecture on "Engineering Economics and Financial accounting" - Mrs.N.Ramya Asst Proff Commerce with FA,NGP Colloge of Arts & Scicence ,Coimbatore 25.9.15  
Tenical Session on Digital Banking - Mr. Vishnu ,Regional Marketing Manager ,Federal Bank of India ,CBE 26.9.15  
Power Seminar - Mr.Siva Kumar Palaniappan ,Master Mind Accademy ,Coimbatore 7.2.2015  
Technical Session on andriod - Mr .M.Vimal Jose Google groups ,CBE 10.2.15  
Effective Counselling to Slow Learners - a session for the faculty -Prof Dr.Shila Saravanabhava ,Vergina State University ,USA 19.7.13  
Industry Connect - Mr.Karthick Subramaniam ,Senior HR ,Exterro R & D,Coimbatore 17.8.13  
Two Day "Workshop on Private Cloud Computing " - Mr. Rishabh Sharma,Solution Delivery Analyst,Wipro Technologies, BangaloreMs.Radika ,Amrita University 30.8.2013 & 31.8.2013  
Industry Trends &Oppertunities for Engineers - MuthuKumar .G ,ROI Strategist ,CBE 3.4.14  

  DEPARTMENT: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
Industry ready engineers   05.08.2014
Mech-EEE Inter related Engineers 21/09/2014
Embedded System Training 08.09.2014
Aero space Engineers 06.02.2015
Battery Vehicles 26.03.2015
Power System Analysis 25.06.2013
Power System Analysis 05.10.2013
Power System Analysis 07.10.2013
Power System Analysis 15.02.2013
Role of Electrical Engineers in Industry 18.02.2013"
Seminar on System stability 25.07.2013
Nonlinear Systems 05.10.2013
WORKSHOP ON ETAP SOFTWARE 15.02.2014  to 18.02.2014
Power system Switch Gear 17.04.2014
Seminar on Signals and Systems 14.08.2012
Guest lecture on Future scope of power electronics. 01.10.2012
guest lecture automotive embedded system 04.10.2012
guest lecture on advanced control system 13.04.2013
Seminar on Embedded System for Industry 16.08.2011
Seminar on Recent  trends for Electrical Engineering 22.09.2011
Seminar on Power factor Improvement 03.01.2012
Seminar on Reactive Power Compensation 14.02.2012
Seminar on Soft Computing Techniques 27.02.2012
Seminar on Communication Systems 22.03.2012
Project Exhibition & Video making contest 10.04.2012

  DEPARTMENT : Electronics and Communication Engineering

Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
IETE - Tech Talk for Third year students 21/7/2017
IETE 2 days Workshop of Hardware Design and Analysis
for final year ECE Students
Two days workshop on Television and its developments 10/8/2017
Two days workshop on Mobile Phone service 10/8/2017
Two days workshop on Laptop service 10/8/2017
Seminar by uniq technologies(Android ) 18/8/2017
Project Competition for third Years 31/8/2017
Instructional Design and Delivery System 16.08.2016
Two days workshop on Television and its developments 10/8/2016
Two days workshop on Mobile Phone service 10/8/2016
Two days workshop on Laptop service 10/8/2016
Hands-on Training on LabVIEW Core1 & Core 2 23/5/2016
 (Mobilephone service workshop) 30.03.16
 (UPSE training workshop) 18.03.16
 (HP Centre of Excellence -  Core Java Training) 07-03-16
IESA VLSI 01-02-2016  
IESA EMBEDDED 01-02-2016  
International Conference(ICCCI-2015) 08/01/15  
Two day workshop on DSP solutions using Xilinx system Generator 16/09/14  
Two day workshop on Wireless communication network security and applications 20/08/14
One day workshop on Introduction to Multisim software 15/07/14
One Day workshop on Introduction to VI using Labview 24/06/14
3 Days Workshop On Free Scale Automotive Electronics 24/04/14
12 Days workshop on Signals and Systems 02/01/14
ASIC Design and Verification 20.02.2014
2 day workshop on “Essentials Of Fpga Design And Rapid Prototyping With Xilinx Fpga”   05.9.2013  
Techbash-2013 Technical symposium 20.09.2013
A 2 day training on VLSI 9.4.2013
Orcad Pspice workshop 31.1.2012
Three days In house PLC Training 17.2.2012
Techbash-2012 Technical symposium 21-10-2012
A Workshop on ARM and Keil IDE “RONIX 21-10-2012
A Workshop on NS2- Network Simulator by SAT Infosys 21-10-2012
International conference ICCCI 2012 11.1.2012  
1 day workshop Applications and Opportunities of Digital Image Processing in Today’s Scenario 21/01/2012
Circuit design and simulation using OrCAD software   31.01.12
3 day In house PLC Training 17/2/2012
2 day Workshop on “Matlab & its applications in various fields” 5.8.2011
15 days embedded systems Training classes (Think Labs,Chennai)   15-06-2011
15 days embedded systems Training classes  (Think Labs,Chennai)   01-12-2011

  Aeronautical Engineering:  

Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
2014 Aero Exhibition and airshow 17-10-2014
2014 Aerobots – One day workshop on aeromodelling 12-08-2014
2016 Blitz  

    DEPARTMENT : Information Technology

Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
Career in IT 7-03-2017
Career Conclave 09.02.17
Hackathon Inauguration 17.2.17
Hackathon Valedictory 18.2.17
Association Function 07.03.17
Blitzz(Project Contest) 31.3.17
Career conclave 02.07.16
Career conclave 20.07.16
Techbash’16 6.10.16 & 7.10.16
Career conclave 8.10.16
Academic Conclave & Association Valedictory 19.3.16
Infoblitz 18.3.16
Fresher Orientation Program @ Ducen 04/07/2016
Two days workshop on Data Mining Laboratory 27/07/2016
Train the Trainer 18/05/2016
Virtusa Polaris 05/10/2016
Current Trends in IT 19-03-2016
APPATHON -24 hrs mobile app contest 30-01-2015
ICCCI 15   08-01-2015
Amazon Cloud Workshop 04-01-2015
Big Data Analytics 14-8-2015
Cloud Computing 5-9-2014
ICCCI’14 03-01-2014
Workshop on “Selenium tool” 01-02-2014
Xenira Inauguration 05-09-2014
InfoBlizz 02-09-2014
Cloud Workshop   Mr.Raghav Simha, 22-11-2014
Techbash 14   10-10-2014
Recent Trends in IT 20-7-2013
ISTE Staff Chapter 7-8-2013
Career Conclave on “Windows Communication function”   17-8-13
Guest lecture on “Knowledge in Data Engineering”   20-7-13
Workshop on “Selenium tool”  1-2-14
Guest lecture on “Knowledge in Data Engineering” 20-7-13
Techbash’13 20-9-13
Career Conclave (Software Developemnet-Technical Expert (Cegedin software India Pvt Ltd)) 17-08-2013
Theory Of Computation 27-8-2012
Dr. S. Thangavelu, Chairman interview in Kalvi malar
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Techbash 14
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Graphical System Design in Engineering Applications
  •  Session will be handeled by Experts from Industry, National Instruments ans SIET Faculty members.            ..

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