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To be recognized nationaly as a high-quality, research driven biomedical engineering department with excellence both in undergraduate education and research.


Biomedical engineering is to provide leadership in education, training and cutting-edge research by translating science and engineering to solve important challenges in medicine and life sciences to the benefit of humanity.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To apply engineering principles to solve existing biomedical problems

PEO 2: To conduit the gap between engineering and medicine by combining different disciplines of engineering

PEO 3: To design and develop medical equipments with global standards and economically viable for society

PEO 4: To infuse ethical values, team spirit, communication skills and leadership for promoting industrial interest among students to meet societal issues

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: An ability to apply professional knowledge to solve the problems in biomedical engineering at the interface of engineering.

PSO 2: An understanding of method to apply biomedical knowledge in the design of biomedical instruments.

About the department

Constituted in Jan 2016, our department brings together the skills from both basic medical sciences and advanced engineering, in order to solve problems in clinical healthcare. Under the umbrella of Biomedical engineering, our primary focus is to foster industry oriented education and interdisciplinary research through collaboration with leading hospitals, research centers and diagnostic centers. We aim at unravelling the mysteries of biology and medicine through innovations in engineering and technology that can be translated in to clinical health care.

Our undergraduate program has been designed to transform the students of the present to leaders and entrepreuners of the future. With our meticulously designed value added courses students gain exposure to concepts of industrial importance and current trends in the field.

Faculty profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Experience Industry Experience
1  Dr.G.Sangliyandi Professor and Head PhD (Molecular Biology) 25 Year (S) 0 Year (S)
2 Dr.K.Saravana Murali Head of the Department I/C PhD (Biotechnology) 13 Year (S) 2 Year (S)
3 R.Dhanapal Assistant Professor M.Tech (Biomedical Instrumentation) 6.2 Year (S) 0 Year(s)
4 S.Sathya Assistant Professor M.Tech (Biomedical Engineering) 4.9 Year (S) 0 Year(s)
5 R.Dhivya Assistant Professor M.E (Medical Eletronics) 2.6 Year (S) 0 Year(s)
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History of Placed Alumnus

First batch yet to graduate.

Admission 2018